Chicken Pot Pie in a Cast Iron Skillet

Two chicken breast halves, cubed
1/4 cup oil
1-2 onions, rough diced
3 stalks of celery, rough dice
3 carrots, rough dice
1 cup of frozen peas
chicken broth, about 2 cups
2 pie crusts, pre-made is fine
1/3 cup or so flour


Step 1: Prepare chicken, celery, onion and carrots. Warm the oil in a pot or Dutch Oven over medium heat. Add the onions, celery and carrots and cook for a few minutes. Stirring. Add cubed chicken, stir and cook until chicken is fully cooked. Add frozen peas and mix.

2. Push contents of pot to side, leaving a well in center. Sprinkle the flour into the well to soak up liquid, stirring. Mix in ingredients outside the well. Slowly add the broth to mix the flour with the broth. This will make your gravy. Salt and pepper to taste.

3. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Put crust on bottom of cast iron skillet, making sure the crust is all the way up the sides of the skillet. If your skillet is properly seasoned, you do not need to grease it. Fill the bottom crust with the filling and top with second crust. Pinch the edges to close the pie. Brush top with beaten egg and prick the dough with fork. Bake for 30 minutes and check crust. If browning too much, cover with foil on edges. Cook for 10-15 minutes more, but watch for burning!

Allow to rest and cool to easily remove the pie from the skillet.

6-8 hearty servings

#recipe #castironcooking #covidcooking


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