Micky and Minnie Mouse Vinyl Decals with your Cricut

Layering vinyl doesn’t have to be scary!

Watch the tutorial here:

In today’s Cricut Chat, we discuss a few different techniques including:

-Using the quadrant method to maximize scraps and reduce cutting time
-Using a mask to help layer adhesive vinyl
-How to search for only multilayered images in DS

Here’s my Design Space file, but remember that the licensed images are not free:

To make these stickers, I used Cricut Removable Vinyl and Cricut Transfer Tape.

To purchase supplies from Cricut, please use my link and code to get free shipping and save 10%:


If purchasing from Create for Less for Art Glitter Glue or supplies, you can use my link to help support me:

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Cricut Chat happens live every weekday at 9am. Cricut Date Night is on Saturday at 7pm.

❤️ Rita

Images used are licensed by Disney. Do not use without permission.

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