Sausage Tortellini Soup for the slow cooker

I love this Soup and it’s so easy to make, too! 

This makes a LOT!  It works as a main course or for your zuppa course at Sunday dinner 

Ingredients Needed:

  • Package of fresh sausage—can be hot or sweet (I prefer the hot ones)
  • Bag of dried Tortellini (not frozen or fresh)
  • Yellow onion, red pepper, carrot chips or shreds, two small zucchini, garlic
  • Two cans petite diced tomatoes (Italian style, preferred)
  • Two cans beef broth
  • Shredded Romano or Parmasean for sprinkling 


  • Remove sausage from casing and brown in a frying pan making sure to crumble as cooked.  Drain off fat.
  • Throw cooked sausages, chopped onion and pepper, sliced zucchini and carrots into crockpot (I will add other fresh veggies if I have them to use them up)
  • Open and pour diced tomatoes and beef broth into pot, add some water from the cans (I usually add a total of two cans of water) as you clean them out for recycling 👍
  • Feel free to add a couple of cloves of garlic, but otherwise seasoning isn’t really necessary
  • Cook on low setting for six hours OR on high for three or four
  • Some people say don’t open your crock pot, but I always check it and stir (it’s up to you) to see how it’s coming along…your sort of going for a melange of ingredients
  • About 30 minutes before it’s done cooking, pour in bag of dried Tortellini, add water if you think it needs it, stir then cover
  • When Tortellini has cooked (about half an hour), ladle your soup into soup bowls and sprinkle with Romano or Parmasean

One thing to note: this recipe makes a lot, so if you are a small family and want to freeze some for another time, I would recommend not adding the Tortellini until you ladle off the portion you are going to freeze and then add precooked Tortellini when you use the defrosted soup, Because frozen pasta in soup gets kinda mushy.

If ladling off some for freezing, you might want to adjust the amount of pasta you use.