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New to Cricut? Join one of my groups!

Cricut Maker
The Cricut Maker can cut just about anything–from wood to fabric–and is easily usable from an iPad or iPhone, too!

Are you one of the thousands of new Cricut owners this holiday season? 

Maybe you had an older Cricut machine.
Or you are brand new to Cricut-ing.
Or you’re an artisan that wants to do more with her craft.
No matter.
The reality is there will be a LOT of new Cricut users going into the New Year and we all have to start somewhere, don’t we?
Well, relax!  I am here to tell you that help is just a click away!
Yep! In just a few clicks, you can be hooked into one of the biggest networks of Cricut users on Facebook!
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A little history:

Back in 2013, my friend Malinda and I started a little group called “Cricut Newbies and Pros” on Facebook.  We were armed with just personal experience, a basic knowledge of how to manage user groups and two little rules–“Be nice” and “No Selling”.

In 2014, I was invited to be an official Cricut Product Expert by CEO Ashish Aurora.  Back then Cricut was a little known and somewhat expensive crafting machine, but five years later, his prediction that Cricut would be a household name has come true!

Over the last five years that little FB group grew into three of the largest and most knowledgable groups on Facebook.

That little Facebook group turned into three groups with a total membership of nearly a half a million members!  Each group is focused on a specific type of machine or need, but they are all  jam packed full of friendly, helpful members learning and sharing their knowledge and project ideas.

The Cricut Newbies & Pros groups are comprised of an unbelievably amazing and talented group of people–all teaching and learning about how to make good use of their Cricut machines.


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These days I am able to say I am a Cricut Product Expert or that I work with a Cricut without being met with inquisitive looks.  These days, if you craft or know someone who crafts you know what a Cricut is.

The fact of the matter is there will be thousands and thousands of new Cricut users in a few days…and most don’t even know where to start.

Are you one of those Cricut Newbies?  Take a deep breath!  I’m here to help! 

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Trot on over to Facebook–through the following links–and join one of my three groups–

Cricut Newbies & Pros for Maker and Explore:

Cricut Newbies & Pros for Expression, Personal, and Create:

Cricut Newbies & Pros for BUSINESS:

Our three very lively Facebook groups are still directed by me–“Miss Rita”–and are expertly run by an amazing (and volunteer) group of polished and experienced Cricut people, headed up by our amazing senior admin, Cindy Stanley.


And one more thing.  Be sure to join one of the original Cricut Newbies & Pros groups that are run by “Miss Rita To The Rescue!”

Because–even though we have been imitated–there is just no substitute for the real thing!

Happy Holidays, everyone!  I hope to see you on “Miss Rita To The Rescue!” and in one of these fabulous groups in the New Year! 

Let’s get crafting!!!

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