GOLD Cricut Cutie with “Celebrate Summer” Mystery Box!

Celebrate Summer Mystery Box–with the exclusive GOLD Cricut Cutie–is available NOW!!!

Get it before it sells out–>
This Mystery Box is exclusively for Cricut Access Subscribers and *will* sell out fast.
See the video here:
The “Celebrate Summer” Mystery Box contains:
-Exclusive GOLD Cricut Cutie
-Glitter Iron-On Sampler, Neon Glowsticks
-Everyday Iron-On, Value Pack, Rainbow, 12 sheets
-Martha Stewart Everyday Iron-On, Floral Collection, 3 17″ sheets
-Martha Stewart Iron-On, Wildflower Collection 3 17″ sheets
-Martha Stewart Fine Point Pen Set, Lily Pond, 5
-Self Healing Mat, Blue, 12″ x 18″
-Premium Permanent Vinyl Sampler, Summer
-Premium Vinyl, Maritime Value Pack, 20 sheets
-Premium Vinyl, Value Pack, Black & White, 20 sheets
-Deluxe Paper Collection, Nature Walk, 12 sheets
Nearly $180 worth of product for $49.99*
Please note:
You *must* be signed into a Cricut Access account before you can add this Mystery Box to your cart for checkout.
In addition, you will receive your Access Discount (10%) and FREE shipping automatically, however no further discounts apply. No code needed.
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