IMPORTANT Update: Cricut Cutie Bundles

If you watched my YouTube video about Cricut Cuties (see link above), you might have remembered that I said there was a LOT of vinyl in the Cricut Cuties Bundles.

Well, I was wrong!  Really wrong!!

There’s not just a LOT of vinyl, there’s almost DOUBLE the amount I mentioned!

SO…to be certain you understand what you’ll be getting here!

Vinyl+ Cutie Bundle has 24 rolls of vinyl plus the Raspberry Cutie:

Vinyl+Cutie Bundle link

The Iron-On+ Cutie Bundle has 16 rolls of Iron-On plus the Flamingo Cutie:

Iron-On+Cutie Bundle Link

And the Vinyl and Iron-On+ Cutie Bundle, with the Lilac Cutie has 20 rolls of vinyl and iron on total:

Vinyl AND Iron-On+ Cutie Bundle

So…yeah…sorry about the mix up, but…

Yeah! You can thank me later!  Now get on over and buy one (or two or all three) of these amazing Bundles while they last.

And…P.S….these aren’t going to last once the word gets out!  So, go now.  Seriously!


As a “thank you”, you can use my code “MISSRITA1” with the link to receive 10% off your order and free shipping (some exclusions do apply).


Come back and thank me later…but, seriously, you’d better hurry!!!

Best always,

Miss Rita



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