Cricut Access Challenge: Anna Griffin Rosettes

Anna Griffin is a talented designer and lovely individual, too.

But, because she is an independent designer, most of her projects are not part of Cricut Access. Thankfully there are a few exceptions to this rule and I’m here to share one of them–Rosettes!!

Today we will be making some beautiful Anna Griffin Rosettes, which were originally designed for a scrapbook page, but don’t need to be used for that. In fact, I’ve modified the original free Cricut Access project to eliminate the extra stuff you’d use to make a scrapbook page and simply focused on the rosettes.

Rosettes are fun to make and provide a lot of “Wow Factor”, however learning to make them can be a little frustrating, too.

For me, most of the frustration in making rosettes has come from using the Scoring Stylus, which is why I do recommend using the Scoring Wheel when making them. Remember though, you do need a Maker to use the Scoring Wheel.

The Scoring Wheel is far and away the best tool for the job of scoring a lot on a project.

If you don’t have a Maker, you can still benefit from reading this post.  Scoring can still be achieved by your Cricut Explore machines as long as you have a scoring stylus.

Here’s what scoring with the Scoring Wheel in my Maker looks like:

placeholder://After you score and cut each piece of the rosette, you still need to fold them in an accordion style to crease the edges.

Once folded, assemble the rosettes.

In this example, two strips will make one rosette. That means this project file will make six rosettes of the same size. (You can play with different sizes and lengths to achieve different results, of course!)

Glue two strips together at both ends to form a loop. Once the glue is completely dry, carefully push down the inside edge of the strip to form your rosette.

Be patient with this part and use a hot glue gun when forming the rosette. Even with using the glue gun, you have to hold the rosette together until the glue sets.

Repeat this process until all of your rosettes are made.

You can cover the hardened glob of glue in the middle with a circle, which I’ve included in this file. Or embellish it any way you want.

I like to make a bunch of rosettes in different–but matching–papers and when I’ve got them all assembled I layer them alongside and on top of each other for a beautiful display.

They also look good with paper flowers and will make a gorgeous wall installation, too.

Aren’t they pretty?

Please note: If you don’t already own a Maker or the Scoring Wheel and you want to purchase them, please use my link below. I will receive a small percentage of any sale you make, but only if you use this link.

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“Go forth and Cricut, my friends!”

Best always,

Miss Rita

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