Digital Mystery Box Contents

I know…it’s a Mystery Box…aren’t the contents suppose to be a mystery?

The folks at Cricut are encouraging us to show off projects we make with the contents, so I thought I would share mine.  If you are interested in buying this Mystery Box, there is still time to buy it…but I’m guessing not much time, so trot on over here to buy it: My link to the Digital Mystery Box

This is a DIGITAL Mystery Box, so that means there’s no waiting for your box to arrive. It shows up in your Design Space right away!

You get lots and lots of great content with this digital MB.  Two groups of projects stand out to me right away.

The first is the always beautiful projects from Leo and friends over at Dreaming Tree.  One of the projects is this  beautiful tray with potted hydrangeas!  Now everyone knows that hydrangeas are one of my favorites, so I gladly forked over the $7 for the file from Dreaming Tree last year.  Now you can save that money and  get it and quite a few others with this purchase!  Isn’t it beautiful?

Completed tray with three hydrangea pots
Look how beautiful this is!
Pink Hydrangea Closeup
Closeup of the pink vase of hydrangeas


And the second set of projects is all mandalas!!!  I think there are five different mandalas that can be cut in vinyl or even iron-on.  Plus there are projects that can be colored with pencils.  Who doesn’t love coloring?

Here’s my half weeded mandalas I did in silver vinyl.  Lots of weeding here if you like that!  I’m about to cut one for my niece in the new Cricut SportFlex material for her yoga jacket in a blue metallic!  Oooh!



One final thing.  If you are a Cricut Access subscriber, you will automatically get HALF off this digital Mystery Box…making it only $15 for all these fabulous projects!


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