YouTube Video: Cricut-ized Target Dollar Spot Banner

Target Dollar Spot Felt Banner, Cricut-ized!

As promised, here is the YouTube video about how I turned a $3 Target Dollar Spot red Felt Banner into a gorgeous Retro Valentine’s banner using NEW Cricut Premium Vinyl in Textured Metallic Gold!

I discuss the differences between Cricut’s new Premium Vinyl and “the other brand”. 
We talk about the term “permanent” as it relates to vinyl.

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You all know how *new* I am to making videos and I have always appreciated your insights and feedback. Thank you!

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I hope you enjoy it!!


This is the original blog post:

I’m back with another great Target Dollar Spot find that I’ve made even better by giving it a little Cricut touch!  And just in time for Valentine’s Day! ❤

I found this great red felt banner at the Target Dollar Spot and I just couldn’t resist!  It was just THREE dollars and was perfect for embellishing with some Cricut vinyl.  The red felt banner consists of seven traditional flags in Valentine-y red felt with white stitching.

It was just begging to be paired with something gold!  

At first I thought I’d use some Cricut Iron-On, but then I remembered I had this roll of new TEXTURED gold vinyl that I’ve been just dying to try!  And I am glad I did!


I know what you’re thinking: “Wouldn’t Iron-On be better on felt?”

The answer is: “Not Always!”

The wonderful texture of this textured vinyl is just perfect with the red felt and, because of its permanent bond, the Cricut Textured Vinyl grabs those felt threads and hangs on and on! LOVE Felt Banner

Furthermore I’m totally digging the amazing texture and how awesome it works with these traditional images.

And, of course, ALL of the images used in this project are available in Cricut Access for free to subscribers–otherwise it wouldn’t be a true Cricut Access Challenge, would it?

I hope you enjoy Cricut-izing these amazing felt banner, which can be used year after year for your Valentine’s Day decor!

Target Felt Banner, Cricut-ized

Totally adorable, am I right?

Here’s the Pinterest link for this project:

And here’s the FREE Design Space file in the Cricut Community:

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Thank you and you know what I always say: “Go forth and Cricut, my friends!”

Best always,

Miss Rita

LOVE Felt Banner





Cricut Access Challenge: Punny Valentines

As we draw closer and closer to Valentine’s Day, the good folks at Cricut are creating more and more options with ways for us to celebrate “Love Day”.

Take for example, this set of adorable Punny Valentines–not one, not two, but more than a dozen options for playful Valentines in several sizes and designs.

With this many options, the possibilities are practically endless!

In today’s Cricut Access Challenge, I’ve manipulated the original files in several ways so that I could turn them into simple greetings suitable for a child’s Valentine’s Day exchange.

How did I do this?

First, I isolated the design and then I flattened the image.

Flattening is a useful tool to have in your repertoire and it’s so easy to accomplish, too! All you have to do is select your image and choose Flatten in the lower right corner of your canvas. Your image will be magically transformed into a printable.

Once an image is flattened, it can be printed on any computer and then expertly cut out by your Cricut. This technique is called Print Then Cut and it produces some seriously adorable things–as you can see!

So basically, within minutes you will have a dozen unique, super cute and professional looking 3″ x 4″ cards that your child can sign and give out!

In my book that is WAY better than those teeny tiny, flimsy things that pass for Valentines these days!

And everyone will be asking how you did it, too!

But don’t worry–you don’t have to tell them. It can be our little secret!

Want to make this project? It’s really easy!

Here’s the Pinterest link to it:

screen shot 2019-01-30 at 2.21.06 pm

And here’s my Design Space file in Cricut Community:


“Go forth and Cricut, my friends!”

Best always,

Miss Rita


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MRTTR special link

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Cricut Access Challenge: Cupid Wall Hanging

Cupid Decoration
Cupid Decoration

I am a child of the 70’s and, as such, I have a weird attachment to cutesy wall decorations.  Let me explain.

Most of the time, we “celebrated” all of the major and minor holidays with cheap paper decorations taped to our door or windows and that was enough for us.  Nowadays it seems everyone has to have full on art installations for every holiday…or, worse yet, hang nothing to celebrate.

Guess that makes me “vintage” or “old school”.  And, well, you can call me anything you like–as long as I get to hang my cutesy paper decorations of yesteryear!

Today’s Cricut Access Challenge harkens back to my old-timey decorations and is quick, easy and adorable, because it uses Cricut’s “Print Then Cut” feature.

Have you tried “Print Then Cut” yet?

“Print Then Cut” is exactly what it sounds like–you print images from your printer and then you use your Cricut to cut it out precisely.

It’s really simple to use and yields incredible results!

And here’s the fun part–the original image doesn’t have to be a printable image, because you have the ability to make any Cricut image “printable” with one easy step.

That’s right!  ALL of Cricut’s images can be manipulated to make them ready to print on your home printer and cut as a single image.  And it’s SO easy to do!


For today’s project we are going to be using this adorable cartoon Cupid from the Seasonal Characters image set.   This small image set also offers an Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, a Leprechaun and even Mother Earth and the good news is they will all work exactly like this Cupid does.  Bonus!

Seasonal Characters Image Set
Seasonal Characters Image Set


Once you’ve located the image and placed it on your canvas, you can size it to whatever size you want.  For my example, I wanted something big enough to show up on a door, so I sized it to 9 inches high.

Once you’ve adjusted the size, highlight the image.  When it is highlighted, you can see there are seven layers to this image, all of which are set to Cut/Print, which means that each layer will print and cut separately.  This is a useful function, but NOT what we want, so we need to meld all the layers into just one layer; we do this by using the Flatten tool, which is on the bottom right corner of your canvas.

screen shot 2019-01-22 at 10.12.35 am

Once you’ve flattened an image, it will print as ONE layer!  When you go to Make It, you will see that you flattened it correctly.  Here’s what your screen should look like:

screen shot 2019-01-22 at 10.17.45 am

Then…from there it’s simple!  Just print it, put it on your mat and cut it! So easy and fun and also sure to assuage your vintage upbringing!

Here’s the Pinterest link:

And here’s the Design Space file in Cricut Community:


“Go forth and Cricut, my friends!”

Best always,

Miss Rita

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Learning to LOVE Valentine’s Day

 It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  The beginning of the year seems to encourage me to cocoon more than usual.  

It’s not that I’m hibernating, because I tend to do a lot of inward thinking.  And then, before I know it, I’m popping up like Puxatawny Phil on Groundhog Day!  Only usually I don’t appear until after Valentine’s Day.  

My post-Valentine’s-Day appearance has usually been because, for a long time, I loved to hate the LOVE Day.  

Now…wait a minute.  Before you jump to any conclusions let me say I am not some spurned sweetheart.  

It’s a little more complicated than that.  

It’s just that Valentine’s Day can be such an enormous letdown for so many people.  

In my younger days, I saw the faces of a sea of broken hearted ladies every time a coworker received roses at the office.  I remember the twinge of sadness in people when lovers would recall their romantic dinners or weekend getaways.  And, even if I had a partner, it broke my heart.

As I got older, my perspective on V Day changed, of course, to recognizing the amazing waste of money the holiday came to represent.  Flowers, jewelry, chocolates and ginormous, sappy cards sold to make up for something we should be doing every day: expressing our love toward one another.  

Why had we allowed ourselves to fall into this routine of mindless day-to-day life, devoid of love and devotion, only to break the bank one day a year to “show your love”?  To me, this process is akin to an absent parent showering their children with things instead of spending time with them.  

It wasn’t until I lost someone I deeply loved that I realized EVERY day is an opportunity to express your love.  And that realization has forever changed my viewpoint on the dreaded Valentine’s Day.  

Days spent without expressing ourselves are lost moments that can never be retrieved.  

I suppose some would call my perspective childish or flighty.  It’s okay if they do.  I’ll love them anyway.  I’ll love those deserving my love and those who aren’t.  I’ll love a stranger and my best friend.  I’ll send only love out in the Universe, regardless of the fact I might not always get the same back.  I can express my love by offering a smile, a helping hand, a kind word, a listening ear or a forgiving heart. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture all the time.  And, sometimes, loving means saying “no” or setting a limit, too.  

Consider my suggestion yourself and tell me, please, if it changes the way you view LOVE Day.  

I know it changed my heart.  

Much love to you all and Happy Valentine’s Day!