New YouTube Video: Miss Rita Makes Paper Peonies!


Here’s the YouTube video showing you how to cut and assemble these gorgeous peonies!

Last year I did a post on making this paper peony from the Cricut Access image set called 3D Floral Home Decor, which–if I am not mistaken–was originally designed by Lia Griffith.  I have loved this cartridge from the day it was launched, and I’ve made many beautiful dimensional flowers from it.

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I’ve done a couple of posts about making paper peonies before, because I absolutely adore peonies and my natural ones never last long enough for me. One of my posts centered around this particular peony from the 3D Floral Home Decor cartridge, but it wasn’t very flattering. That’s because–at that time–the file was awkward to use, which made it frustrating to me.


The original file was grouped together in such a way that it was nearly impossible to cut the file as laid out.  You really had to manipulate the file a *lot* to get it to the size of a large peony and it was SOOO frustrating to work with!

Well, I am happy to report that someone somewhere in the Cricut-iverse must have heard my laments, because the file has been reworked and now it is a dream to work with!

The newly adjusted file makes a super huge and marvelous paper peony without having to chop up the original file to fit on a page.  So, I don’t know who was responsible for this change–Anna Rose, maybe? Karley? I don’t know–but, thank you!  My life is infinitely better for this change!

For today’s Cricut Access Challenge, we will be re-making this gorgeously oversized peony, which you can either place on a stem or use on top of a decoration or even mount on your wall as a reminder that “Hope springs eternal!”


Let’s get started!

When you open this file, you will notice that the flower consists of three distinct flower petals that are duplicated.  So to cut *one* flower, you are going to need 6 sheets of 12″ x 12″ paper in some shade of pink.  Plus yellow for the stamens and green for the leaves.

You *can* make these smaller, but honestly I wouldn’t recommend it.  They are so gorgeous when they are cut this size.

Hint: To add more realism to your peony, you may want to make the inner petals a paler shade of pink than the middle and outer petals.

Once you have all your petals cut out, you are going to work the petals with a bone folder.  This is a very useful tool for working with paper and can be found at any arts & crafts store.  This is what mine looks like.

If you can’t find a bone folder, don’t despair.  You can also use the edge of a ruler or even the blades of a pair of scissors.

Work the individual petals so they gently bend inward. When you get to the middle petal layers, you need to glue at the tab. The innermost petal layer needs more glue as you fold the edges into themselves.

Once you have worked all the petals, you will stack them and either glue each layer to the next OR–if you are using a stem, you will want to punch a hole in the center or each petal layer and stack them on the stem. Then affix the stamen to the top of the stem head to hide it! Pretty neat!

For this flower, I put it on a stem.

The stem I used is from We R Memory Keepers and they work very nicely. I do hope you can find them, but if you can’t you could always fashion a stem with floral wire or skip the stem entirely!

These peonies will be an excellent addition to a floral backdrop for a wedding or shower, don’t you think?

Here’s the Pinterest pin for this project:


And here’s the Design Space file:

If you try making these beauties, let me know how you make out, okay?

“Go forth and Cricut, my friends!”

Best always,

-Miss Rita

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Paper Peonies With Your Cricut

Paper Peony
Paper Peony from Dreaming Tree

It’s no secret that peonies are one of my favorite flowers.

I have an entire section of my yard dedicated to my peony garden, which I’ve been cultivating for almost 20 years now.  All of my peonies came from one vintage peony shrub, which is the reason why I love peonies so much…they multiply beautifully!  And, IMHO, there is no such thing as TOO many peonies!

Every spring I watch them grow and bud.  I even take little side bets on when they are finally going to bloom.  And when they bloom?  Watch out!  It seems they all wait to bloom at once and then BOOM!  It’s Heaven on Earth in my garden for two weeks!

Waiting for my real peonies to bloom in May can be pretty tiresome!  Sometimes I just can’t wait to revel in their exquisite beauty.  I’m impatient, I know.

To help me get through until flowering time, I’ve done the next best thing, IMHO: I’ve replicated them using my trusty Cricut Explore!

I’ve actually done two different versions of paper peonies.  I am going to show you one today and the other tomorrow.

Today’s peony–which is featured at the top of this post–comes from a company called Dreaming Tree.  What’s nice about this peony is is that is absolutely HUGE!

Peony Gift Box SVG
Peony Gift Box SVG from Dreaming Tree/3D SVG

Since the file is for personal use only and does cost a few dollars, I can’t share it with you.  But I will do the next best thing and point you in the direction of it, so here you go: 3D SVG/Dreaming Tree Peony Gift Box

And here is what the completed box looks like!

Completed Peony Blossom
Completed Peony Blossom

The thing I really like about the Dreaming Tree Peony Box is how BIG the peony flower is!  It’s deliciously giant and really steals the show.  But if you buy the file, you will see it comes with a gorgeous and functional gift box, too.  The completed project makes a wonderful project for a shut in or someone in the hospital, because it can be used AND admired.

Note: Because we are talking about peonies today, I am just focus on the flower on top of the box.  But if you want to complete the entire project, be sure to watch Leo’s helpful assembly video!

For the actual peony flower, you will be cutting out five flower flower layers in two different colors, three leaves and the stamen. Before you cut, be sure you attach the dashed score lines to the petals and leaves, because you need them for guides.

Completed cuts for paper peony
Cut out all the flower petal elements, the leaves and the stamen


Once cut, you have to bend each petal at the score lines and then–using a pencil–“train” the petals so they curl upwards. For me the pencil works well, but use what you have. Curl the petals well, because they are difficult to curl once layered.

It’s important to note that Leo from Dreaming Tree also inks his flower petals, which is a very nice touch.  I myself don’t “do” ink, because I make a dramatic mess of it, but if you are better with the ink than I am, I say “go for it”!  But inking or not, I like that this file allows you to cut the flower layers in two different colors so you don’t have to ink if you don’t want to.

Once curled to your desire, layer each petal piece in order of size, attaching them with glue.

Gluing each flower petal layer askew
Gluing each flower petal layer askew


I like to glue each layer off center, so it creates an illusion of fullness to the flowers, as shown here in the picture:

Completed peony flower awaiting stamen
Completed peony flower awaiting stamen

After layering and gluing each petal piece, roll the stamen tightly–you can use a quilling tool for this–and glue the outside end so it stays tight.  When the stamen is secure, put glue on the bottom of it and place it inside the blossom.  Depending on the glue you choose, you may need to hold it for a bit while it catches hold.

Paper Peony
Paper Peony from Dreaming Tree


There are four leaf pieces.  The three fronds should be bent and then glued together to form a Y shape.  When secured, glue it to the bottom of your blossom.  Then follow up with the smaller piece.  If you are using the peony without the box, the small three petal leaf makes a nice finishing touch, but I don’t find it necessary if you are going to place the finished flower on the box.

Leaves for paper peony
Gluing and shaping the leaves for the peony


And here is the finished peony blossom!  Isn’t it beautiful?


Another view of the peony blossom–with some of the gift box showing.

If you didn’t want to make the box, the holes in the flower layers and the hole in the bottom leaf are big enough to hold a stem.

If you try this pattern, can you let Leo and the team over at Dreaming Tree know you found out about it from me, please?  I think he would be pleased to know.

Thanks for stopping by today and look for the second post, when I show you how to make a stemmed peony from a Cricut file.

Happy Cricut-ing!