Really good boy!


Last night, while we sat and looked at Master Owen’s Christmas haul, I remarked on how much he got, even in his stocking…which was overflowing!

His reply?

“I was a REALLY GOOD boy this year!!”

It made me smile, because it’s so true!

This year, MO has really come into his own.

I’m not sure if it’s the age, all the loving prayers of my online friends, or all the extra help we receive from various agencies.  It’s probably a combination of things.  But whatever the reason, I am really, truly impressed and thankful for Master Owen’s marvelous progress this year!

It feels like an enormous burden has been lifted from me.  For the first time since he came into my life, I feel I can look around and feel safe and have hope about his future.

I realize he will have setbacks and obstacles as any child does, but lately each day makes me more confident that he is finally joining his peer group on the same playing field.  It’s truly an amazing feeling.

So…if you’ve known me for one week or many years, I want to thank my online community for your unwavering support.  It does indeed take a village.