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It’s a beautiful day for Cricut-ing

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These days, I often stumble when someone asks me the standard question: “So, what do you do?”

Not that it was always easy.

Before I dropped out of the rat race to raise Master Owen, I worked in e-commerce…as in “buying stuff on the internet”.  In those days, e-commerce was scary and new and many people firmly believed it “wouldn’t catch on”.

Remember this is back in the day when the only ones making money online were XXX rated and old fashioned marketers were trying to figure out how to make it work for them.

I’m not trying to sound OLD, but this was back when Amazon only sold books.  It was when Netflix sent DVDs in the mail. My fellow colleagues and I had graduated from AOL and we thought we were all that because we understood what all the acronyms (url, http, ftp) and new terminology (streaming, buffering) meant.

Nobody “tweeted” because neither Twitter nor Instagram existed. Facebook was the catalog your college gave out to help you meet people. No one was pinning, except to their at-home cork boards and we didn’t text all that much because you had to use a phone keypad to do it.  Oh!  And blogs were called by their full name, weblogs, and they were mostly reserved for computer geeks.

I wouldn’t be lying telling you I completely enjoyed being a pioneer in the Internet Revolution and that I missed it sometimes…okay I missed it a lot!.  I thrived on the action. But, as most everyone knows, some things are worth changing direction for, and raising MO was definitely one of them.

Still….well, let me be blunt, the life of a Stay At Home Mom can be tediously, brain-numbingly boring.  Couple that with the stress of raising an autistic child alone and, well, to be truthful I could hardly believe how much my life had changed…as in “tanked”.  It’s difficult to be creative about doing dishes or laundry, and I longed for a creative outlet.

And then–as if by Divine intervention or some magical force of the universe–I happen upon a Cricut.  I am NOT exaggerating here.  I was in a craft store and looked up and saw this machine and thought to myself: “Hey! That’s kinda cool looking! I think I’ll try it!”

That was in October 2012.

Three and a half years and several machine upgrades later, I realize that a machine–in particular, a machine that can be somewhat difficult to describe to folks–gave me back that feeling of being a pioneer again!  Suddenly I could be creative again.  I was productive. I became somewhat obsessed with my Cricut.

I suppose you could call me a Cricut Fanatic, but I think it’s a little more than that.  I have been creatively “reborn” and I’m on a quest to tell everyone about it.  I am a Cricut Evangelist and I’m proud to say: “Today is a BEAUTIFUL day for Cricut-ing!”

Can I hear an “Amen”?  That’s a little attempt at humor…but, I’m curious, have I got your attention yet?  Do you want to find out what Cricut-ing is all about?  Or perhaps you’d like to renew your interest your interest in cutting edge crafting.  Well, here’s your sign!

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I think Cricut will make a believer out of you, too!


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