Cricut Access Challenge: Cupid Wall Hanging

Cupid Decoration
Cupid Decoration

I am a child of the 70’s and, as such, I have a weird attachment to cutesy wall decorations.  Let me explain.

Most of the time, we “celebrated” all of the major and minor holidays with cheap paper decorations taped to our door or windows and that was enough for us.  Nowadays it seems everyone has to have full on art installations for every holiday…or, worse yet, hang nothing to celebrate.

Guess that makes me “vintage” or “old school”.  And, well, you can call me anything you like–as long as I get to hang my cutesy paper decorations of yesteryear!

Today’s Cricut Access Challenge harkens back to my old-timey decorations and is quick, easy and adorable, because it uses Cricut’s “Print Then Cut” feature.

Have you tried “Print Then Cut” yet?

“Print Then Cut” is exactly what it sounds like–you print images from your printer and then you use your Cricut to cut it out precisely.

It’s really simple to use and yields incredible results!

And here’s the fun part–the original image doesn’t have to be a printable image, because you have the ability to make any Cricut image “printable” with one easy step.

That’s right!  ALL of Cricut’s images can be manipulated to make them ready to print on your home printer and cut as a single image.  And it’s SO easy to do!


For today’s project we are going to be using this adorable cartoon Cupid from the Seasonal Characters image set.   This small image set also offers an Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, a Leprechaun and even Mother Earth and the good news is they will all work exactly like this Cupid does.  Bonus!

Seasonal Characters Image Set
Seasonal Characters Image Set


Once you’ve located the image and placed it on your canvas, you can size it to whatever size you want.  For my example, I wanted something big enough to show up on a door, so I sized it to 9 inches high.

Once you’ve adjusted the size, highlight the image.  When it is highlighted, you can see there are seven layers to this image, all of which are set to Cut/Print, which means that each layer will print and cut separately.  This is a useful function, but NOT what we want, so we need to meld all the layers into just one layer; we do this by using the Flatten tool, which is on the bottom right corner of your canvas.

screen shot 2019-01-22 at 10.12.35 am

Once you’ve flattened an image, it will print as ONE layer!  When you go to Make It, you will see that you flattened it correctly.  Here’s what your screen should look like:

screen shot 2019-01-22 at 10.17.45 am

Then…from there it’s simple!  Just print it, put it on your mat and cut it! So easy and fun and also sure to assuage your vintage upbringing!

Here’s the Pinterest link:

And here’s the Design Space file in Cricut Community:


“Go forth and Cricut, my friends!”

Best always,

Miss Rita

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