Access: Cricut’s Subscription Service

Cricut Access Projects
A few of the hundreds of projects in Access

I often get asked if Cricut’s subscription service–called Cricut Access–is “worth it”.

My usual answer is “Absolutely”!  But, if you need more convincing than that, consider my situation.

I’ve been crafting with a Cricut machine for over six years now and I remember the days when cartridges (the little devices that would store a set of Cricut images) were so expensive they would lock them up at the craft stores!  Most cartridges at that time retailed for anywhere between $30 and $80 and we “old school” Cricuteers would wait until they went on sale for $20 to stock up on all the latest image sets.  I managed to collect about 150 cartridges, which at an average cost of $20 each, I invested over three thousand dollars in Cricut images!  (And that is NOT an exaggeration!)

Furthermore before the subscription, you used to have to load cartridges into your machine before cutting, making the entire process extremely time consuming.  (Thankfully Cricut eventually did introduce a way to save your cartridges online, eliminating the need to fuss with cartridges anymore, but you still had to rely on using the tiny books to know what images you had or what the cartridges could do.)

The introduction of Design Space forever changed how I managed all my Cricut content, and Access was just the cherry on top of the whole thing!  Even with over 150 of my own cartridges for content, there were still several hundred image sets I didn’t own (Imagine my horror!!) and weren’t even available for me to use…until Access made them available.

Cricut Access Standard
Cricut Access Standard

Access introduced me to over 30,000 images, more than 1,000 top-quality projects and an almost dizzying amount of fonts (over 370!) .  With SO many choices and at-my-fingertips use, I am never at a loss for crafting ideas with my Cricut machines.  And for a cost of about $10 a month, I am now saving myself hundreds of dollars in new cartridge purchases just by subscribing.

Cricut Access Image sets
Some of the Access Only image sets

Ever accommodating, Cricut breaks down their subscriptions into three tiers.  For people who can’t get enough of fonts, for only $5 a month you’ll have over 370 fonts at your fingertips without ever having to search for one again.  Or, if you want more than just fonts, try the Standard Access for about $8 a month and immerse yourself in thousands of images plus the fonts, too!

If you’re an “all or nothing” kind of crafter (like me!), spend just under $10 a month and go for Access Premium.  Premium gives you everything.  All the images.  All the fonts. Plus 50% all digital images not part of the subscription (hint: there isn’t much NOT available!) And always 10% off materials on

One more thing…I forgot to mention that the folks at Cricut are always adding to their image library and often have Access Only images and projects available.  That means you’ll get to create beautiful projects that other folks would have to search the web for hours to find…all right in Design Space!  Stuff like this:

Hopping Down the Bunny Trail image set
Hopping Down the Bunny Trail image set
Dimensional Scenes: XOXO
All the Dimensional Scenes image sets are only available on Cricut Access
Cactus Love
Cactus Love image set only available on Cricut Access

If I’ve convinced you to give Cricut Access a closer look, please use my link so that I will get a small percentage of any sale you make at the Cricut website:

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