Make Cool Metal Coffee Signs

Are you a coffee lover like me?

Then you are going to want to stick around as I demonstrate how to make this super cute Cafe sign with Cricut Premium True Brushed Vinyl!

Follow along as Miss Rita (that’s me!) shows you how choose the right setting in Design Space to perfectly cut Cricut Premium True Brushed Vinyl with your Maker or Explore machine.

Then see how how easy this material is to weed!

Want to make one of these super cute signs for your kitchen?

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Thanks so much for watching today!


Best always,

Miss Rita

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Ode to NyQuil 

Oh! NyQuil!

Why has it been so long since I felt your love?

I’d been suffering for days until I remembered how wonderful you are. How hard working. How steadfast your relief. 

Oh! NyQuil! How I do love thee!

I am probably breaking all kinds of copyright laws or trademark infringements by evoking your name, but I don’t care. I love you!  Let them lock me up for singing your praises!

You’ve made it so easy to love you! I don’t even have to drink you and feel that horrible shiver run through my body..for you come in gel tabs now!

Relief in such a small package! And so quickly!

Only a few moments before I cannot force my eyes to stay open. I no longer struggle to breathe. I sleep in a blissful slumber. Nothing wakes me! 

And–while I doze–you work your glorious magic! I awaken refreshed.  My nose, clear! My fever, gone. I draw a deep breath into my lungs and do not worry about a cough! Ah! I can breathe deeply!  

I’m not fully recovered, no, but I can function without wanting to punch the trainee working the counter at the post office two days before Christmas!  I can stand irritating little things once again, my friend! 

And I thank you, NyQuil. I feel so close to you right now. 

So close I would probably marry you. 

That is..if my country didn’t have a problem with that sort of thing, which it does. 

Oh…and then there’s coffee, to which I have already committed my waking hours. 

But, NyQuil…you’ve made life two days before Christmas livable again!  

NyQuil! You will always and forever be my bedtime pleasure.  I love you.