New YT Videos: Daffodils, Gerbera Daisies and Cherry Blossoms! Oh my!

Not one! Not two! But THREE new YouTube videos for you all to enjoy!


It’s time to make Paper Flowers!!!  

I’m so excited to offer you three new YouTube videos showing you how to make three of my favorite Spring flowers–Daffodils, Gerbera Daisies and Cherry Blossoms!

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The Cricut Design Space file for the Daffodils can be found here:

The Cricut Design Space file for the Gerbera Daisies can be found here:

The Cricut Design Space file for the Cherry Blossoms can be found here:


For a FULL list of all my Cricut Access projects, please visit: Cricut Access Challenge: Project Index

Thank you…and you know what I always say: “Go forth and Cricut, my friends!”

Best always,

Miss Rita

Gerbera Daisy






Cricut Access Challenge: Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossom

Yesterday I shared one of my most favorite Design Space file for a Mix & Match All Occasion Greeting Card. If you didn’t get to read that post, you can find it here:

Cricut Access Challenge: Versatile Greeting Cards

I hope you will forgive me for using part of that file–specifically the Cherry Blossom–for today’s post.

I am currently having all my hardwood floors refinished, which has displaced me from my studio for a few days, so I don’t have access to my Cricut.  (I know! It’s a travesty!  I’m never away from my Cricut for more than a day!!!  Whatever will I do?)


I will try to cope.

Anyway, I really think these three dimensional Cherry Blossoms really do need their own place in my Cricut Access Challenge line up. They are just that good.

The image I used came from Cricut Access, but it was a little difficult to find. Yes, you can search for “cherry blossom” but your search will result in a dozen or more files.  Also, because this image doesn’t belong to a set Cartridge, it sort of floats out there alone.  But don’t worry, my Design Space file below has the blossom in a variety of colors and sizes.

What you will notice about this file (as opposed to yesterday’s file) is that each blossom has TWO petal layers.  I added a second petal layer to increase their depth. I also am really liking the two toned petals. Looks more realistic to me.

Once you’ve cut out all the layers, crease the petal layers and the leaves and start to assemble them.

I layer the two petal layers slightly askew and with a little double stick dot between the layers to create added depth.

After you’ve assembled the petals and added the yellow stamens, consider adding an adhesive pearl to the very inside.  It may not be too realistic, but it really makes these flowers pop!

Now…what can you do with these adorable flowers, you ask?

There are tons of uses for them!  I created an entire wreath made with a grapevine wreath form and various sized blossomed that looked divine, but you could also go outside and grab a naked branch and adorn that, too!

And–of course–these adorable little blossoms look wonderful on cards, too!

My advice? Even if you don’t have a use for them just yet, you should still try making these.  I usually put a bunch together and store them in a Mason jar for when I need them.  They make great embellishments!

Here’s the Pinterest link to this project:

And here is the Design Space file in Cricut Community:

I do hope you will try your hand at making these little gems, because they are simply delightful!

“Go forth and Cricut, my friends!”

Best always,

Miss Rita

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Paper Cherry Blossoms with Your Cricut

Cherry Blossom Wreath
So what if Cherry Blossoms aren’t normally seen on wreaths! That’s the beauty of paper flower making!

February is usually the snowiest month here in New England, which generally leaves me praying for the first signs of Spring with every new day.  I’ve long given up hope on the Groundhog’s promise of an early Spring. Instead I just hold on to the notion that “Hope Springs Eternal” and jazz up my home with all the Spring flowers I can think of.  One of the first ones for me is the cheery Cherry Blossom.

Cherry Blossoms are easy to make and will quickly liven up your home with tiny shocks of pink from the palest blush to the brightest hot pinks.  And because we are not Mother Nature, we are only confined to the limits of our imagination!  How about some purple cherry blossoms?  Or maybe some patterned paper ones?  Whatever you decide, a paper cherry blossom can adorn a quick note card, a wreath (why not?) or even a bare branch from your garden.

Paper Cherry Blossom
Paper Cherry Blossom adorning a notecard


My cherry blossom pattern comes from a FREE design in Design Space entitled “Cherry Blossom Tree”.  Find it quick by searching for “cherry blossom” in the Images section.  Here’s a photo to help guide you:

Search results for
Design Space Search Results for “Cherry Blossom” produces over 200 images. The image we are using is the first one.


I happen to like my cherry blossoms full, so the first thing I do is Ungroup the file and Duplicate the flower portion so that each of my blossoms has two petal layers. To be honest, sometimes I will duplicate the yellow stamen, because it is so intricate and I have a tendency of ripping them when I remove them from my mat, but that’s up to you.

Duplicating the Petals
Duplicating the petal piece will create fullness in your blossom


For variety, I like to use a few different colors and sizes for a bigger cherry blossom project. This is easy to achieve by grouping your blossom again and duplicating the file. After duplicating the file you can manipulate the size and petal leaves. Try blush, white or mauve colors and you’ll then have four different blossoms to work with.

Varying the size the color of blossoms
Creating multiple blossoms in slightly different colors and sizes


After cutting and removing all your cuts from the cutting mat, head over to your work area with the cuttings, a shaping tool, some glue and foam dots and some different sized pearl buttons. Using your shaping tool, you want to carefully crease each petal to give it some shape. The leaves also will be creased this way. The stamens can be carefully bent to give them more texture, too. Once you’ve completed all the shaping, all that is left is assembly.


To give the blossoms more fullness, I like to use foam dots between the two petal layers and also adhere them together slightly askew.  After adhering the petal layer, use white glue to place the stamen inside the blossom. When dry, place an appropriately sized pearl inside. Depending on your pearls, you may want to glue these.


And finally, flip your blossom over and affix the leaf to the back. Allow the glue to dry before flipping them back over.img_7606


And viola! Your blossoms are now ready to adorn any project.


I hope you try to make these super simple Cherry Blossoms.  Hurry back for more paper projects including future projects for making Paper Peonies, Hydrangeas and Daffodils!