Blush Cricut Cutie & “Every Day is Love Day” Mystery Box

The Blush Cricut Cutie almost steals the show from this amazing “Every Day is Love Day” Mystery Box!



The “Love Day is Every Day” Mystery Box contains:

Blush Cricut Cutie!!!!

Cricut Everyday Iron-On Sampler, In Bloom Pink

Cricut + Martha Stewart Everyday Iron-On, Rose Pink

Cricut Holographic Sparkle Vinyl Sampler, Cherry Fizz

Cricut Premium Vinyl, Lipstick, 12 x 48″

Cricut Adhesive Foil Sampler, Stainless, Paint the Town

Cricut Gold Pen Pack

Cricut Scraper & Spatula Tool Pack

Cricut Deluxe Paper, Natalie Malan, Little Terrace

Cricut Deluxe Paper, Natalie Malan, Juneberry

MSRP:  $132.90

“Every Day Is Love Day” Mystery Box Price: $39.99

Mystery Box Price: $39.99


The “Love Day is Every Day” Mystery Box with the Blush Cricut Cutie won’t last!

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