Cricut Black Friday Mystery Box is HERE!

It’s HERE!

The Cobalt Blue Cricut Cutie is here

AND it’s only available in the Black Friday Mystery Box!!!



• Patterned Iron-On Sampler, In-Bloom Pink

• Multi-Pen Set, Gold

• Deluxe Foil Embossed, Red White

• Patterned Iron-On Sampler, Party Time Pastels

• Everyday Iron-On Sampler, Basics

• Patterned Vinyl Sampler, Party Time Pastel

• Tools Scraper & Spatula

• Patterned Vinyl Sampler, Ditsy Dots

• Cutie, Cobalt

MSRP: $147.91

Sale Price: $39.99


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Use my code MISSRITA4 on your purchase of $50 or more and you will receive 10% off and FREE Shipping!


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