Sunflower Cupcake Holders & Autumn Leaf Placecards

Today we are making Sunflower Cupcake Holders & Autumn Leaf Placecards!

Join me as I assemble TWO easy and FREE files from Dreaming Tree. 

Both of these projects are FREE and from our friends over at Dreaming Tree. You can download them at their website and then cut them with your Cricut machine!

If you’d like to give these projects a try, be sure to check out Dreaming Tree!

I make all of my paper crafting projects with a Cricut Maker and fully endorse the entire line of Cricut machines and products. I’ve been a Cricut Product Expert for the past five years and, time after time, always choose Cricut machines, materials and accessories for all my projects!

If you are in the market for a Cricut Machine or perhaps need to get supplies, please know that I am self supporting and I make money when you use my link:

As a “thank you”, you can use my code “MISSRITA3” with the link to receive 10% off your order and free shipping*.

Thanks so much for watching!

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Best always,

Miss Rita


*Some restrictions apply to receive discount

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