Meet the Cricut EasyPress Mini!

Meet the mini but mighty Cricut EasyPress Mini!

The EasyPress Mini was designed with unusual objects, tight spaces & hard-to-reach places in mind!

Now you can effortlessly customize unique items like hats, shoes, or even stuffed animals with this thoughtful, compact design.

It has three easy to determine heat settings, so you can easily choose the proper temperature needed for your project.

It’s thoughtful, compact design makes it easy to press between buttons and seams, too!

Features include:
-Comfortable handle
-Auto-off safety feature
-3 heat settings
-Dry, even heat
-Precision tip
-Safety Base

Available soon on

While not yet available at, it will be in the shop soon!

Please remember to always use my link whenever you purchase at Cricut:

As a “thank you”, you can use my code “MISSRITA3” with the link to receive 10% off your order and free shipping on qualifying products (does not work with machines such as the EasyPress Mini, but will work for most everything else; order must be $50 or more).

Look for this fabulous new product coming soon to


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