Don’t Miss The August Cricut Giveaway!

🥰👌🍒Yay!!!  It’s time for my August Cricut Giveaway!!

I’ve decided to make my August Giveaway a beautiful Cricut Maker to keep up the excitement for the NEW Maker Adaptive Tools!

One lucky winner will receive a fabulous new Cricut Maker PLUS a Adaptive Tool Housing with Scoring Wheel (both 01 and 02 tips!) AND the new Perforation Tip!

Thank you to Team Cricut and the “Miss Rita To The Rescue!” Team for making these monthly drawings possible!!

Please don’t forget to Like the “Miss Rita To The Rescue!” Facebook page and this video and then hop on over to our entry place:

Please don’t put this off!

You don’t want to miss your chance of becoming an owner of a beautiful new Cricut Maker!


Interested in the Cricut Maker with its Adaptive Tools?

Each of the new tips will be available with the patented QuickSwap Housing made exclusively for the Cricut Maker and can also be purchased separately.

B6H7g9%CQH6dOex2HLI0WgThe new tips are:
Debossing and
Wavy Blade

Remember–whenever you are ordering from Cricut–please use my affiliate link:

As a “thank you”, you can use my code MISSRITA3 with the link to receive 10% off your order and free shipping.


(Note: Your cart must equal $50 or more to qualify for the extra discount and free shipping, so throw an item or two you’ve been dying to try in there to save almost ten bucks on shipping alone!)


#Cricut #FREE #Giveaway

Best always,

Miss Rita





51 thoughts on “Don’t Miss The August Cricut Giveaway!

  1. Thank you for the kind giveaway. I enjoy my Air 2 machine, but recent release of new tools has made me interested in getting a Maker!


  2. Thanks for all your videos and for giving us the chance to win a maker!!!!! 🤞🏻 Love your corgi’s in the back!! 😍


  3. Yippee! Another chance to win a Maker. Thank you to you and Cricut to make this possible. Good luck to everybody! 🍀


  4. I would love to win a Cricut Maker , I would LOVE to share with my sister Donna, If I would be so lucky to win ❤


  5. *W O W !* I can’t believe I have a chance to possibly win an ‘UPGRADED VERSION’ of something I’ve really been wanting ever since the Amazing Cricut Maker came out!!! Thank You so much for your selfless, kind generosity! *Good Luck To You All!*


  6. This is amazing! I would love to win this! It would allow me to quit my job and work from home on my own stuff. I’ts difficult for me to be out and about due to illness…


  7. This would be so amazing to win. Thank you for the opportunity. I’m just getting started and am very excited to see everything that can be done!


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