Announcing Four New Cricut Maker Tools!

I’m excited to announce that Cricut has launched four new tools for use in the Cricut Maker.

The addition of these tools allows you so much more flexibility and instantly adds more skills to your wheelhouse.

Each of the new tips will be available with the patented QuickSwap Housing made exclusively for the Cricut Maker and can also be purchased separately.

B6H7g9%CQH6dOex2HLI0WgThe new tips are:
Debossing and
Wavy Blade

Watch this video and stay tuned for more videos that will show you how each of these blades work.


The new Cricut Adaptive Tools with or without the Cricut QuickSwap Housing will be available online soon.

If you would like to order them when they become available, please use my affiliate link:

As a “thank you”, you can use my code MISSRITA3 with the link to receive 10% off your order and free shipping.


(Note: Your cart must equal $50 or more to qualify for the extra discount and free shipping, so throw an item or two you’ve been dying to try in there to save almost ten bucks on shipping alone!)


#Cricut #engraving #NEW

Best always,

Miss Rita





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