Cricut Access Challenge: Dog Love

I ran across this picture in my morning Facebook feed:   Oliver and his boy, MO

It’s from six years ago and it’s of MO sleeping with one of our corgis, Oliver. Those two were thick as thieves!

Oliver was such a precious boy. We adopted him in 2012, after he was nearly euthanized in Ohio. In addition to having lost his owner, Oliver had a serious condition called ME. And although he was only with us less than three years, our lives wouldn’t be what they are if he had not been with us.

Dogs are amazing creatures, aren’t they?

True companions, they share everything with us for a brief period of time. They accept us for all our flaws, they beguile us with doggo charms and they entertain us with their silly antics.

When it comes time for them to leave, it’s a truly traumatic experience.

What can you say when we lose a true companion?    Somehow “He was such a good dog!” is just not enough.

As someone who truly appreciates the company of dogs, I’ve found it easier to acknowledge the passing of this unspeakable bond between dog and human with a personal greeting.

Today’s challenge is a simply stated pop up card that would make a lovely greeting card for a dog lover or an appropriate dog sympathy card, too.

Pop Up cards look difficult, but they really aren’t. At least not with a Cricut and Cricut Access.

This particular card employs just two sheets of card stock, your Scoring Stylus, a fine point pen and just a little patience to produce a quality greeting card.

After you’ve cut out both pieces, you want to go back and manually score at the score lines.  I tend to make sure the scored pieces will fold easily both forward and back.

Flip the top sheet over and add glue to the back of what will be the foreground of your card and carefully adhere it to the foreground of the back pieces.Gluing the top pieces

Score the top part and add glue to it and adhere.  Don’t worry about the pop up elements just yet.  Just focus on getting the two sheets adhered nicely.Scoring and gluing the top

Once the two pieces are attached, score the pop up elements at the score lines.  Notice these are just tabs.  Before gluing the tabs, carefully fold the card closed to see where the tabs will lie on the background of the card.  Dab a dot of glue on the tab and carefully position the tabs.  Close and open the card while the glue is still wet to make sure the tabs are properly placed.


Here’s a little video to show how the card will close:

And that is IT!  Wasn’t that easy?

Completed card

Would you like to make this card?  You can! And don’t forget I am here to help you!

Here’s the Pinterest pin for the card:

And here is the FREE Design Space file on Cricut Community:

Please remember if you are going to place an order for Cricut supplies–such as the Scoring Stylus or Fine Point Pens used in this project–I would really appreciate it if you used my affiliate link:

As a “thank you”, you can use my code “MISSRITA1” with the link to receive 10% off your order and free shipping (some exclusions do apply).

Thank you and you know what I always say: “Go forth and Cricut, my friends!”

Best always,

Miss Rita

This post is dedicated to all my friends who have lost their precious companions…and especially to my friends Katie & Chad who recently lost their precious Lucy Ann.  Love you, guys!

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