Cricut Access Challenge: Year of the Pig Decorations

Year of the Pig Medallions
Year of the Pig Medallions

Happy New Year!!!

Today is the Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year, which begins the Year of the Pig.

If you don’t live in an Asian country or community, you might not take notice of the Chinese New Year, but did you know that it is the one holiday that nearly 1 in 5 people in the world celebrate?

Yeah, it’s a really big deal, especially in major Asian cities which sees a dramatic increase in travel just before the holiday.  That’s because the most important part of Chinese New Year is getting families together for the festivities.

Year of the Pig Medallions
Year of the Pig Medallions

What I like about the Chinese New Year is that it is also known as the Spring Festival.  For me, it seems that is when we all can start welcoming in Spring, which works hand in hand with fresh starts and new beginnings, doesn’t it?

Chinese New Year is steeped in traditions, activities and even superstitions.  The time in and around the Spring Festival has all kinds of “rules”, which includes making a clean sweep of our households–something that I am currently working on–and decorating.  In addition to all the traditional foods and red envelopes full of money, this focus on our household is the most appealing to me.  By February, I am ready to clean all the cobwebs out of my home and put up new decorations.

Year of the Pig Medallions
Year of the Pig Medallions

While I am not from an Asian community, I can appreciate this opportunity to regroup and get ready for all of the Spring holidays that will soon be upon us.

Today’s project is for some adorable Year of the Pig images that have been recently added to Cricut Access.  I found this piggy by doing a quick search of “Chinese”, which returned a handful of interesting images.  I decided to cut these medallions out using Cricut Adhesive foil and a card stock backing of the traditional red New Year color.  I cut out my pigs, weeded the vinyl and then adhered it to the card stock.  Did you know you can mix vinyl and paper like that?  It always sort of blows me away when I remember.  I am giving you for different sized Year of the Pig Medallions.  I was thinking of doing a little wall hanging of the medallions in order from large to small, which not only will be very traditional but I think very pleasant to see when you enter my home.

Would you like to try this project?  It’s pretty easy!  Here are the links for the Design Space file in Cricut Community plus the Pinterest pin for you.

Year of the Pig MedallionsPinterest pin for this project:

Year of the Pig Medallions:

“Go forth and Cricut, my friends!”

Best always,

Miss Rita


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Year of the Pig Medallions
Year of the Pig Medallions

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