Cricut Access Challenge meets Target Dollar Stop!

Passport Cover

I have to laugh. 

My sister and I used to take turns calling each other “cheap” and getting angry.

But the reality is we’d both do anything to save a few bucks!

But seriously, folks, we refer to each other as “frugal” and it makes it all feel better.

Frugality is a deeply seated New England tradition and I have been thoroughly steeped in it from decades of growing up with Depression Era parents.

“Why spend more money than you have to?” has always been my family’s motto and ferreting out “good deals” was mandatory growing up.

Clearly the folks at Target know this or they wouldn’t have created the very popular Dollar Spot area of their store.

For those that don’t know, the Dollar Spot is an area–usually in the front of the store–that is stocked with seasonal or everyday items that range in price from one dollar up to $5.  Nothing is ever over $5 and most items are just a buck–hence the name Dollar Spot.

Target keeps their Dollar Spot inventory fresh and always rotating, so it’s like a treat for us “frugal” people every time we show up.

This week’s Target shopping adventure was no exception–I snagged an adorable Passport Cover in rose gold faux leather, a zippered pouch for cosmetics and two Valentine’s banners.

Total spend in the Dollar Spot?

$8!  That’s right! Eight dollars!

Worth it!!!!


Today’s Cricut Access Challenge features the $3 rose gold Passport Cover embellished with Cricut Iron-On.  There are five designs in this Design Space file for you to choose from, so do make sure you check out the full DS file on Cricut Community.


A few thoughts on this project:

  • Cricut has a practically-life-saving interactive tool online that helps you choose the right settings for your project.  For my project, I set my smallest sized EasyPress 2 to 280 degrees, because I was using Cricut Everyday Iron-On with a Faux Leather passport cover and only pressed for 5 seconds.
  • You can download and print the Settings Guide, if that is better for you!
  • All of the designs in this project are about 3.5″ wide, which fit perfectly on my Target Dollar Stop Passport Cover, but you can adjust the sizes as needed
  • Don’t be upset if you see a color change on your faux leather when you remove your EasyPress! Any color changes are from the heat of the iron and should go back to the original color once cooled
  • The smallest sized EasyPress 2 is perfect for small projects like this one!
  • If you don’t already have one of the awesome new EasyPress Totes, I highly recommend them!  And…P.S.!!!  They can be decorated, too!


EasyPress 2, Mini

Pinterest pin for this project:


Design Space file on the Cricut Community:

“Go forth and Cricut, my friends!”

Best always,

Miss Rita


Please note: This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you click on one of my links and buy something I will receive a small commission from your purchase. Thank you for using my links as this is how I support myself and keep MO in pickles and Ted E. Bear in chew toys–they both are insatiable!

Here is my affiliate link in case you want to buy some super cool stuff from Cricut!  May I suggest the new EasyPress Totes?  Or some great new Holographic Iron-On?

I do so appreciate your continued support. 

Remember if your order exceeds $50 and you use my code MISSRITA1 and link, you will receive an extra 10% off and free shipping on most items!



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