Cricut Access Challenge BONUS: Birthday Cake Numbers

BONUS Number Candles

Based on the response from this morning’s Birthday Cake Topper post, I can see there is a great deal of interest in making the celebration of birthdays special.

So I thought I would also give you the Design Space file for my Birthday Cake Numbers, too.

Candle numbers

In this DS file, which can be found on both Pinterest and the Cricut Community, you will find two sets of “Candle Numbers”, which you can mix and match to your heart’s content!  These are great for birthday celebrations that are a Big Deal–like Sweet 16 or turning 50–and can be cut in any color combination you’d like.

As you can see I like shiny stuff and anything pink!


I finished the numbers the same was as my Happy Birthday Cake Toppers–with pieces of bamboo skewers–but you could also use toothpicks to keep the numbers in place.

Squirrel this file away for your next birthday celebration and experiment a bit.  You won’t be disappointing!

Here’s the Pinterest link to the project:

And the Design Space file on Cricut Community:

And stay tuned for future projects featuring all kinds of materials including acetate, bass wood, Foil, poster board, fabric and more!!

“Go forth and Cricut, my friends!”

Best always,

Miss Rita


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pink candles

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