Cricut Access Challenge: Birthday Cake Toppers

At my house, Birthday Cakes have always been a big deal, so I never could wrap my head around the idea that a beautiful cake could get any better…that is until I found out about Birthday Cake Toppers!

Big or small, any cake will be made ten times better with a Birthday Cake Topper!

Thankfully–with a Cricut–making one of these beautiful Happy Birthday Cake Toppers isn’t costly or difficult to create! Plus you can personalize it to your heart’s content…because: Cricut!!

In today’s Cricut Access Challenge, I’m giving you four “free-to-Access-subscribers” Happy Birthday Cake Toppers in a standard size.

You can play around with the size, of course, but I’ve found this 8 1/2″ size works well with most cakes and keeps the topper sturdy enough to avoid flopping.

In my examples, I’ve used a variety of materials including glitter cardstock, Cricut Sparkle Paper and Cricut Foil Kraft Board, which are all pretty sturdy by themselves, but to make them even stronger, I cut out a backing from Cricut Kraft Board and glue it to all the pieces.

After you’ve cut out the topper and backing, all that’s left is affixing the picks to the back of the topper. I use bamboo shishkebab skewers that I cut down for the picks, which I glue on with hot glue.

The results are so amazing that everyone will think you bought it on Etsy!

Just one more example of how your Cricut can be your secret weapon for AWESOMENESS!

Want to give this project a try?

Here’s the Pinterest link to the project:

And the Design Space file on Cricut Community:

“Go forth and Cricut, my friends!”

Best always,

Miss Rita

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