Cricut Access Challenge: Confetti!

I had so much fun playing with the Party Foil earlier in the week (see my post about making 3D Bows), that I couldn’t put it away. I didn’t want my “Party Foil Party” to end!

While I was playing with it, I found out that–in addition to making the most professional looking bows–Party Foil is also good for one of my favorite things in the world: Confetti!!

Maybe it’s because confetti has origins in Italy or that no one is ever sad while throwing confetti. It could even be this photo locked in my memory:

Kevin Bacon in Footloose
Kevin Bacon in Footloose

But–seriously–confetti is one of my all-time favorite things!

I realize some people feel about confetti how they feel about glitter, but there has to be more of us that love confetti than don’t, because it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Oh, and according to Wikipedia there is a specific distinction between glitter and confetti. They are not one in the same, so don’t inundate me with glitter hate mail, please!

Party Foil makes the most shiny and delicious confetti and it catches the light perfectly!

So, of course, I got to playing and came up with these options:

It seems the folks over at Cricut figured we would someday want to make our own confetti, they’ve given us Cricut Access design files to cut them out! (They are so smart over there at Team Cricut!)

Here are a few pointers about cutting confetti with your Cricut using Party Foil:

  • When cutting Party Foil–because of its slippery nature–I highly recommend use use a very sticky mat and you check to make sure the foil stays securely on the mat throughout the cutting
  • If you see the foil lifting from the mat, keep a close eye on your blade as stray pieces of foil may interfere with cutting
  • When cutting Party Foil, I prefer to change my blade pressure to “more” so that all my cuts will be super precise
  • Confetti can be cut small or large and I’ve included two different sizes in today’s file, but smaller confetti pieces cut in Party Foil can cause more problems than their larger counterpart so keep this in mind when you are cutting
  • When removing the foil from your mat, do it slowly so your confetti doesn’t go airborne before it’s time
  • Obviously, when the party’s over, please be sure to gather the fallen confetti and recycle it (yes, even Party Foil can be recycled!) or store it away for another use. Do not throw confetti outdoors or where children or pets might ingest it

Yay! Let’s do some celebrating!!!  Who’s making the confetti?

Here is the Pinterest link for today’s Cricut Access Challenge:

And here is the Design Space file:

“Go forth and Cricut, my friends!”

Best always,

Miss Rita

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