Cricut Access LOVE Sale!

screen shot 2019-01-16 at 4.54.33 pm


Cricut has launched a brand new sale JUST for Access customers and it’s good. Really, really good!

Here’s the deal: 
Everything is 30% off for current Cricut Access subscribers, with a few exceptions (machines, totes, bulk, clearance, Cricut access, & digital).

You will see the 30% off in your cart, but not in the shop.

In addition, the 10% off people get with Access will still apply to this extra sale!!!

Also our customers can still use the MISSRITA1 promo code, since the discounts above will be automatically applied, which means yet another 10% off.

As a reminder, I do receive a small referral fee for *any* purchase you make at Cricut, but only when you use my link:

Details to know:
If you are NOT already an Access subscriber, I strongly urge you to sign up. You can be a subscriber for just a month…just to get these extra sale prices!!!

The discount will be applied in the following order, 10% off for being an Access Member, 30% off Access Exclusive Sale, & then 10% off with my promo code “MISSRITA1”.

Thank you for your continued support!
-Miss Rita

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