Cricut Access Challenge: Heart Shaped Garland & Using The Shapes Feature

There’s a under utilized feature in Design Space that I wanted to bring to your attention. It’s on the left side of the canvas and it’s called simply Shapes.

Shapes are so useful to me when I want to design a project from scratch–like this adorable String of Hearts Garland!

In this design, both the basic heart and the scoring line were taken from the Shapes area and attached together to give me the most symmetrical heart for my garland.

Once I created this basic element, it was just a matter of determining how many hearts I would need and picking out my paper to create this adorable Valentine’s Day Garland.

For this project, you will need four scored hearts for each 3D heart. I found that I could put 16 hearts on one mat, which was enough for four completed hearts.

In this file, I created several different colored hearts so that I could cut out more than one color.

By changing the quantity to 16 for all of the mats, I was able to easily cut out hearts in seven different colors. And because 16 is divisible by 4 (the number needed for each completed heart), one mat of 16 will make four 3D hearts for the garland.

For this project, you really need a scoring stylus which you can easily get locally or on the Cricut website.

Please note: Even if you have a Maker and the wonderful Scoring Wheel, I still recommend the scoring stylus for this project, because you will not need to swap out your tools on each mat. More on the difference between the Scoring Wheel and the Stylus in a future post.

Once you have cut out all your hearts–and cut as many as you like, of course!–fold them at the score line.

As I mentioned each heart in this garland consists of four scored hearts.

Once scored and folded, begin the process of gluing the blank sides together, leaving one opening between the forth and first heart to insert the bakers twine.


Once you’ve got your hearts assembled, tuck a length of twine between the forth and first hearts and glue the last piece in place. Then start on the next heart and work this way until you have a completed garland.

You can use the same color or different colors for each completed heart.

I have a lot of pretty patterned Valentine’s paper, so I used 12″ x 12″ sheets from a pad called “Vintage Valentine’s” by Recollections, which is the Michael’s store brand. Feel free to use any combination you’d like!

3D Heart Garland
3D Heart Garland

Your completed garland is perfect for dressing up a doorframe, hung around windows or even draped on the computer monitor.

Simple but elegant!

Would you like to give this easy project a try?

Here is the Pinterest pin to the project:


And here is the link to the Design Space file:

Are you going to try this project? Please post what you came up with here or on my Facebook page. I’d love to see how you made out!

Completed Heart Garland
Completed Heart Garland

Now…Go forth and Cricut, my friends!


Miss Rita

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