Cricut Access Challenge: Fancy Iron On Hearts & Making Mistakes

Glittered Love Heart Iron On
Glittered Love Heart Iron On

Some of my friends from Corgi Nation are getting bit by the Cricut Bug and it’s so much fun to help them combine their interests in corgis with their creative ideas with the Cricut!

My friend Billie just picked up an EasyPress over the weekend. Cathy, another friend, ordered her first machine online and is anxiously awaiting its arrival.  People all over Facebook are talking about the Cricut!  It’s so much fun for me, a long time devotee of Cricut.

But here’s one thing I noticed:  Newbies are expressing anxiety over learning how to use these powerful machines and the software, Design Space.

Some of you new to Cricut are afraid of making mistakes.

I hear it all the time in our Facebook groups.  They tell themselves they are “wasting” materials or time.  They struggle with getting their ideas to look the way they want them too.  And probably more importantly, they see all these folks making brilliant things and they get disappointed when their first attempts don’t live up to their expectations.

Folks! Don’t stress yourself out about this!

I have been crafting for decades and I can honestly say I have never achieved perfection!  Has that ever stopped me?


Flubbed Up Foil Heart
Flubbed Up Foil Heart

We ALL make mistakes. Even seasoned crafters, like me!

Back in my soap making days, when I had a batch of soap that didn’t look good but worked fine, I would package it up in a paper bag and label it “Ugly Soap”!

And let me tell you, Ugly Soap was quite the conversation started at my shows!! Most of the time I just explained that the soap worked fine, but didn’t look pretty. So I packaged them up at a great introductory price.

Sometimes–when I was feeling a little feisty–I would tell them the soap cleaned the ugly away just to see what they’d say! (Okay. I’m a little weird, I know!)


Hair trapped behind the iron on design
Hair trapped behind the iron on design

Let me be blunt:

You are never, ever, no matter how much time you spend or how many videos you watch, never going to achieve perfection in anything.

BUT that doesn’t mean you don’t try anyway. You try. You do the best you can with what you’ve got. You analyze and learn from mistakes. And then you try again.

We must always focus on progress, not perfection!

And, frankly, that’s the way I think we should all approach anything in life.

How does that relate to today’s project? I’m going to tell you.

Today’s Cricut Access Challenge is a collection of beautifully cut hearts that have been ironed on with my EasyPress2.  They are beautiful designs cut from beautiful materials, but they *aren’t* perfect.

If I look close enough, every single one of them has imperfections.

The foil one got crinkly in several areas.  I forgot to weed out the inside of part of another.

And, if you look closely enough, you’ll see I sandwiched both dog hair and my hair between one design!

Folk Art Heart in Patterned Iron On Design
Folk Art Heart in Patterned Iron On Design

Sure, they aren’t perfect, but the most important thing is I tried!

I can be proud of efforts and my achievements!

I gathered up some courage and just went for it. I didn’t get “analysis paralysis” and I didn’t dwell in “what if’s”.  I just persevered and completed the project.

This kind of approach to living is called “Wabi Sabi Living”.

Wabi Sabi Living is a Japanese tradition of understanding and knowing we will never achieve perfection, but we can learn to appreciate our efforts and our achievements.

“Now! Go forth and Cricut!”

Best to you always!

Miss Rita

All of the images used for today’s Cricut Access Challenge are free to Access subscribers.

Project link to Cricut Community
Project link to Cricut Community


You can access the Design Space file using the following link:

Pinterest pin to this project
Pinterest pin to this project

Also, here is the Pinterest pin to the project: Cricut Access Challenge: Filigree Heart Iron Ons

I hope you will try making one or more of the beautiful intricately cut iron on designs in this project. If you do, post a picture here or on one of my other channels!

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But seriously….I do so appreciate your continued support!

Here is my affiliate link:

Remember if your order exceeds $50 and you use my code MISSRITA1 and link, you will receive an extra 10% off and free shipping on most items!  My code will *not* work for Access Subscriptions or machines (anything that plugs in).




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