Cricut Access Challenge: Window Cling Snowflakes

Window Cling SnowflakeSorry I am posting late! Did you think I was done with my Cricut Access Challenge already? Naw! I’m just getting warmed up!

And speaking of the weather (warmed up…get it?), today’s Access Challenge is all about snowflakes again. You see, we finally got a dusting of snow last night, but MO (he’s my son) is down in the dumps that we haven’t had more!!  He has me checking the weather every morning to see if we are expecting any snow and he is anxiously waiting to use all his cool winter gear.

All of which had me thinking.  Even though I can’t make it snow outside, I can surely make it snow inside!!

How do I mean? With my trusty Cricut, naturally!

Today’s Access Challenge is Window Cling Snowflakes!!!

Snowflake Window ClingAren’t they adorable?

And when I tell you they’re easy to make, you simply can’t understand what I mean unless you’ve worked with Cricut Window Cling.

And here’s why! Window Cling is much easier and more relaxing to work with than vinyl. You don’t have weed it, which means no squinting! And your cuts are easy to move and remove. And did I mention it cuts like a dream when you adjust your materials setting to Cricut Window Cling!  Yes, there’s a setting for that!

To find snowflakes for today’s challenge, I searched for “snowflake” in the Image search.  Feel free to use the Filter feature to weed out any images that you might have to pay for…we are looking for Access images only, because that’s what this challenge is all about.  And don’t worry that filtering will reduce your choices, because this search pulls up dozens of choices.

Cricut Access has so many choices that I practically couldn’t decide!  I chose five different single layer images for my project.  Feel free to choose some of the more detailed snowflakes out there, because this stuff is simple.

After I pulled my selected images onto the canvas, I used Color Synch to change them all to white (some are blue or gray) and resized them, too. I chose to size them differently ranging in size from about an inch to about 3.5 inches, because snowflakes aren’t ever the same, right?

Cricut Window Cling

(Helpful hint: If you want to reuse your snowflakes next year, be sure to keep the plastic backing from your cut.  You can peel these off and place them somewhere safe and easily reuse these!)

Now I can’t wait until MO gets home from school!!  I sure hope it will put a smile on his face…even if he didn’t get to use his new winter boots today.

Cricut Window Cling

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Window Cling

Link to Pinterest pin:

Link to Design Space file on Cricut Community:

“Go forth and Cricut, my friends!”

Best always,

Miss Rita

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But seriously….I do so appreciate your continued support!

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