Cricut Access Challenge: Making a Shaped Card From a Layered Image

Shaped card
Shaped Cake Card

Today’s Cricut Access Challenge is a touch more challenging…but not impossible either!

And, of course, it uses an image from Cricut Access, because this is the MRTTR Cricut Access Challenge!

This image is from a wonderful old cartridge/image set called “Simply Charmed”, which is chock full of adorable anthropomorphic images.

(Do you have to look that word up? It’s one of my favorite fifty cent words that simply means an inanimate object with human features!  Anthropomorphic! Fun, isn’t it?)

Anyway the Simply Charmed cartridge is full of fun, layered images that look great *on* a card, but today we are going to use the entire image to make a shaped card.

It might sound complicated, but it’s really not.  You can see all the steps below.

Making a Shaped Card from a Layered Image:

First step is to find and put this image on your canvas. Easy enough.

Go to Image and then choose Cartridge and type in Simply Charmed.  Click on the preview pane to see all the images in this image set.  Cute stuff, am I right?  Select that adorable cake (second row, to the right) and Add it, thereby putting it on your canvas.Find your image

Go to Images and search for Simply in the Categories at top


Second step is two fold.  First you want to Uncheck the second base piece (look to the right where your layers are) so that it will be part of your image.

Second part of step 2 is to resize the image.  I sized my image to about 5 x 5.5”. This size will make a big enough card that will cut on a regular sized mat. You can go as big as you want, of course, but since we are making the entire image into a card that will fold, you have to consider the size of the base.  Still with me?

Adding the base layer and resizing
Add the base layer (second black layer) first, then resize your entire image


Once you’ve resized the image, un-group it. This image has two black bases. You want to work with the bottom most base image, which is the largest piece.  This piece will become the actual card base. If it helps, turn this image to white as I have done.

Un group your image
Ungroup your image and isolate the bottom layer


Once you’ve isolated this part of the image on your mat, you want to Duplicate it.  The exact same base should appear alongside your original layer.

Duplicate the base layer
Duplicate the base layer


Next, you want to Flip the first of the duplicated layers horizontally. Flipping is an option on the top of the navigation bar (see image below).  You are flipping this so you can create a card that will fold and be exactly aligned.

Flip the duplicated image on the left
Flip the left duplicated layer horizontally


Now that you’ve got the the original and the flipped base pieces, line them up so their outer edges are touching. Not too much, but enough to have a stable area for folding.

Weld both together
Weld duplicates together


Then select both layers and hit Weld. (Hint: Weld is on the bottom right hand corner of your canvas.)  Weld will do just that–weld the two pieces together!  You should now have a card base that will cut as one piece and that can be folded to create your base.

Can you now visualize how this welded image will work?  When you cut it, you will fold it in half to create your card base.

View of image ready to cut
View of image ready to cut

And finally you have to cut and assemble the card pieces.

Your finished card will look like this. Isn’t it adorable?

Link to Pinterest pin:

Link to project file in Cricut Community:

“Go forth and Cricut, my friends!”

Best always,

Miss Rita

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Completed card
Completed shaped card



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