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SportFlex Iron-On™ from Team Cricut®

I am the happy recipient of a new product from Cricut® called SportFlex Iron-On™ and I simply cannot wait to try it out!  But before I go off to play with my new stuff, I wanted to give you the lowdown on what SportFlex Iron-On™ is all about!


What is SportFlex Iron-On™?

SportFlex Iron-On™ is a new HTV (heat transfer vinyl) by Cricut® that is especially made for use on today’s activewear made with polyester and nylon.  As the name suggests, SportFlex Iron-On™ is stretchy and flexible and can be used on sports jerseys, leggings, caps and other sportswear.

Example of what you can do with Cricut SportFlex
Example of what you can do with Cricut SportFlex


Is SportFlex Iron-On™ replacing Cricut® Iron-On Lite?

Absolutely not! SportFlex Iron-On™ is just a different kind of iron-on material.  It is made to be used on polyester or nylon.  Stuff that has a stretch.  Cricut will still make and sell their very popular Iron-On Lit Cricut®


On what kinds of garments can I use SportFlex Iron-On™?

SportFlex Iron-On™ can be used on all your activewear.  From youth soccer jerseys to embellishments on your yoga pants.  Basically stretchy fabric made with polyester or nylon.  Check your labels…some things you think are Cotton do have a built in stretch so SportFlex Iron-On™ would be a great “fit” with those items.  SportFlex Iron-On™ will also work on windbreakers, baseball caps and even for monogramming a knapsack!


Which Cricut machines can cut SportFlex Iron-On™?

All of Cricut’s machines will cut SportFlex Iron-On™.  That’s because Cricut designs their products for use on Cricut machines.  Using Cricut Iron-on will ensure you are using the best available for your machine.

Currently my machine of choice is a Cricut Explore Air2 (Sorry folks, but I can’t justify buying a Maker when I already have four Cricut Explore machines that work wonderfully!)

Plus if you happen to still have an original machine or an Expression, they will cut your Cricut Iron-On, too!

Find the perfect Cricut machine for you!
Find the perfect Cricut machine for you!



How should SportFlex Iron-On™ be applied to my garments?

Cricut recommends the use of their EasyPress™, of course, but they fully understand that many of use our home iron to apply our HTV/iron-on materials.  Cricut makes all their iron-on materials with the home user in mind, which means you get the same support from Cricut whether you apply with a home iron or not!

Cricut EasyPress, Sky
Cricut EasyPress, Sky



What is the Cricut StrongBond(TM) Guarantee?

The Cricut StrongBond(TM) Guarantee is new with Cricut.  It basically means that Cricut stands behind their machines and products.  Should you have less than perfect results when using your Cricut machines and/or Cricut material, contact the team at Cricut and they will make it right.  (They do…I can fully attest to that!)


Are you interested in what I do with all this SportFlex Iron-On™?

Stay tuned here on my blog!  I will be posting my own pictures of using this NEW product from Cricut!  I’m also on Instagram (and frankly could use some more followers there!) and on my official business page on Facebook @MissRitatotheRescue.

What?  You didn’t know I had a FB page and an Instagram account??  You’re missing out on a lot of the fun!  You can find my “deets” at the end of this post!

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Note: From time to time, Cricut sends me some products to use and review; this post about SportFlex Iron-On is one of those times.  Unless I include a link on my blog with tracking to the product, I do not receive monetary compensation from Cricut or any other company for reviews.  In the case I do receive product to review, I will tell you that…like I am doing right now.  However, I will not receive monetary compensation for positive reviews.  Furthermore, I am not employed by Cricut nor am I compensated for blanket opinions or  for specific content.

All of the opinions expressed are mine.  I try to be nice to everyone, but that doesn’t mean I won’t call a spade a spade. 

5 thoughts on “SportFlex Iron-On™ from Team Cricut®

  1. I tried ironing on the sports flex on a cotton shirt last night, as they only had the sports flex available in the color that I needed. I had a hard time getting it to stick to the cotton… any suggestions? I was using the cotton setting on my iron…instead of the wool setting.


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