Using Pens With Your Cricut

Example of a card with scoring and writing
Card ready to be made; contains both a scoring line and writing with a pen

For my friend Debbie’s birthday, I gifted her Cricut’s January Mystery Box.

While I realize sending a birthday present full of unknown products is usually an “iffy” proposition, I figured I was safe because she is known to proclaim that her “favorite color is glitter” AND because this month’s box was marketed as being “elegant”.  Well, I am happy to report my gamble paid off.  Her Mystery Box contained a hefty amount of glittery and shiny items. In addition, she was elated to find two packages of pens for writing, which prompted me to write this blog post.

Debbie is a long time crafter, but is still learning how to use her new Maker.  I told her I would publish a post on how to use pens in her Cricut, so that everyone can get a little tutorial (or refresher) on how to do it.

For this example, I am using two cards that I got from vast Cricut Make It Now project collection.  Fortunately, these cards came all set up with both scoring lines and pen marks, so when I go to make it my machine already knows (and tells me) I will be needing my Scoring Stylus and also a Pen:

Tools you will use on project

If you have more than one additional tools in a project–as I have in this one–your Cricut will tell you which one to load first and then also prompt you to change tools.  In this case, I am to load my Scoring Stylus (into the left clamp/Clamp A) first and then load the pen afterwards.  Cutting is always done last with a project.

After my Cricut scores the card stock, it will ask you to change the tool…like this:

Reminder to add your pen

Make sure you are careful about changing out the tools; don’t tug too hard on the scoring stylus when removing, but also make sure your pen is firmly in place as well.

After you change out the stylus for the pen, you will see the machine actually drawing on your cardstock, as shown in this example:

Drawing your project

And once the writing/drawing is complete, the Cricut will proceed with the final step, cutting your card.

And–believe it or not–that’s all there is to it!

If you don’t want to be limited by using pre-made cards from the Make It Now section (although you may be surprised at how many projects are there!), I will post a “Part 2” to this project in a bit that will show you how to make a card from scratch that uses the drawing technique.  So check back later for more info, please.

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