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Popcorn in the Dutch Oven

Popcorn in the Dutch Oven

So…on a whim…I decided to try making popcorn in the Dutch Oven…because, you know, I just can’t separate myself from this thing!

And, of course, it came out phenomenal!

My mom gave me a little bottle of coconut oil that is infused with jalapeños and so I decided to cook a batch with it. My mouth is burning! In an awesome jalapeño kind of way! I’m thrilled!

I’ve all but stopped eating popcorn several years ago…and when I did, I worried about the microwave kind giving me cancer or something…but then I remembered how my Dad would make popcorn in a pan on the stove and a light went off. Why couldn’t I try out a stove top version in my new best friend…I mean, my Dutch Oven.

I even shook it out into a brown paper bag to get out some of the grease…just like Dad used to do!

And now I’m strolling down memory lane and enjoying every second of it! Dad would be so proud!

I’m now seriously wondering if there’s anything that this Dutch Oven CAN’T do…

Plus I’m thinking they may need to bury me with it, because I *never* want to be without it again!

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