All About SVGs For Your Cricut

If you’re new to Cricut, you may have heard about SVGs and thought: “What the heck is an SVG?”

You possibly also asked yourself: “Do I need them to use my Cricut?”

Well the quick answer is: “No, but…”  As in: “No, you don’t necessarily need SVGs to fully take advantage of your Cricut, BUT having a basic understanding of them can increase your creativity and thereby your enjoyment in crafting with your Cricut”.

So here’s a brief primer all about SVGs to help you along:

SVG stands for “Scalable Vector Graphic”.  SVG is just a file extension name…similar to jpeg or gif or even pdf…and it’s used to help folks distinguish the file format.  The S in SVG explains what this type of file is all about: scalability.  Scalability means it can be manipulated freely without losing features or becoming pixelated.


Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG)
Explanation of what an SVG file is

SVGs are added to Design Space through the Upload Image feature, as demonstrated here:

Uploading an SVG to Design Space
Screen shot of uploading an SVG in Design Space

Although Cricut machines can take all kinds of images (like eps, jpeg and png), you will have better results with SVG files

Often designers offer files in several different formats–such as PNG, EPS, JPG, DXF, SVG–as shown in the next picture.  When you are given a choice of type of file, always choose the SVG file.  The other files can be discarded so you won’t waste space on your drive.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 3.31.13 PM


Sometimes designers offer an SVG, but it needs a bit of adjustment before you can cut them.  In this example, the SVG is presented as one file, but in order for it to cut in the correct layout, it needs to be attached.  You can tell an SVG image is not attached by looking at the tool bar to the right.  See how each piece of the total file is separated?  If you don’t “attach” them all together, your Cricut will place all the pieces on your mat in whatever order fits.  By attaching them, your design will cut in the exact layout as it is shown on your Design Space file.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 3.51.17 PM


Other times, designers offer particularly complex (and gorgeous!) SVG files.  This is often the case with online designers and (Dreaming Tree).  If you purchase one of these files, you will need to upload each piece of the file into Design Space and then insert them all into a new file.

Here’s an example of a new project from Dreaming Tree, which has 22 different file “pieces”.

Screen Shot of SVG files for one project
Often very complex projects are presented in multiple SVG files

Thankfully Dreaming Tree (and SVG Cuts and others) offer well presented instructions including detailed videos to complete their projects.  Your patience with these type of files will pay off with a gorgeous project…such as this one!


So don’t shy away from playing around with SVG files.

I hope this little primer will help you feel more comfortable with working with them.  I think you’ll find you will impress yourself with your abilities!

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