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More On Making Paper Flowers with the Cricut

Thank you to all who read, shared and commented on my original post: Making Paper Flowers with the Cricut!  I was very excited to see such a lovely response.

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Today I wanted to add to the original post with a few notes and pictures.  

I went back to the Flower Shoppe cartridge and found all the spiral flowers, so I could cut them out and show you what the final result of each spiral will be.  I also wanted to mention that the spirals seem to produce a lovely sized flower when cut at about 3 or 3.5″ size.  

Also, I forgot to mention that you can purchase the Flower Shoppe cartridge digitally on if you aren’t a Cricut Access member.  If you decide to buy it digitally, could you consider using this link as the commission earned does help us with promotions on our Facebook groups:

And now…here is my gallery showing what kind of flower each spiral produces:

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